Airtel Has Been Announced The Fastest Network In India By Ookla

Over the past few weeks, you would have seen advertisements claiming the airtel was the Fastest network proven by Ookla (speedtest.net) but according to the Telecom regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) Reliance Jio is the fastest 4G network in te country with over 100 million customers in a span of 6 months. So Reliance In its letter to the ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India), wants the council to draw the attention of the regulatory body to Airtel’s misleading claims of being the “Officially the fastest network” on its website.

Now Airtel has hit back to Jio. “Ookla fully stands behind Airtel being named ‘India’s Fastest Mobile Network’,” Speedtest (Ookla’s app) COO Jamie Steven said in a statement. The Company had named Airtel as the “Fastest Mobile Network” in India based on data from Q3 and Q4 of 2016 which has been challenged by Reliance Jio. The response from Jio is awaited.